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Product samples for Jiangyin Spark Electronic Technology Co., LTD. Are exhibited in GMPC of ETW Japan .

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600A Generator Current Transformer

600A Generator Current Transformer
A(Max) B(Max) C(Min) D(Max) E(Max) F(Max) G(Max) H(Max) I(Max) J(Max)
74 40 12 49 80 45 14 6 39 44

The 600A generator current transformer adopts CD silicon steel core to realize excellent on-load performances. It can endure 8 times overload, and has integrated primary high current brass plate to make operation much easier.

Model Input Current (A) Turns ratio Accuracy Linear Range
BCT-30*77/600A 600 1667 1.0 0~120%

Jiangyin Spark is a professional 600A generator current transformer manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide range of products, including mini voltage transformer, zero phase current transformer, high precision current transformer and more.

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