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Encapsulated Transformer

  • Encapsulated Transformer
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The economic, simple, and beautiful encapsulated transformer is cased in an encapsulated structure, connected to circuit by pins. It can be divided into several models mainly according to the overall size. The bigger the size, the higher the rated power is. The largest model has 50W rated power in a 72mm×62mm×70mm frame. Various pin numbers and intervals are provided, but they can also be customized. This product has the advantages of good mechanical and environmental resistance and good voltage isolation capability.

Performance and Dimensions of Featured Products
Model Pin Rated Power Dimensions (mm) Interval
Gauge Pitch
EI2815 5+5 0.8W 31*28*28 5 20
EI3015 5+5 1.0W 32*27*28 5 20
EI3515 5+5 2.0W 38*32*31 5 19.5
EI3518 5+5 3.0W 38*32*36 5 21
EI4820 6+6 10W 52*44*40 5 27
EI6633 Terminal 50W 72*62*70 Customers specification

As an experienced encapsulated transformer manufacturer in China, we offer a wide range of products that includes common mode inductor, protection current transformer, zero phase current transformer, and high precision current transformer, among others.

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