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Industrial Heat Sink

  • Industrial Heat Sink
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The DJRFS200 industrial heat sink has integrated with fan system to speed the heat conduction and dehumidification. Equipped with special aluminum alloy heating panel section and high-quality nichrome heating wire, this product can be made quite small and elegant. In addition to the uniform heat dissipation and fast heat conduction, it also has a very wide dissipation area which is 2-3 times larger than that of normal heat sink.

We believe this industrial heat sink is your best choice among the 200W level products.

We are a specialized industrial heat sink manufacturer in China. We provide a comprehensive range of products, including inductor, mini voltage transformer, zero phase current transformer, high precision current transformer, and more.

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  • DJR100W Industrial Heat Sink The DJR100W industrial heat sink is a small-size white model with 142cm length, 23.5cm width, and 75cm height among our heat sink product line. It is ideal for customers looking for heat sink with 100W or lower power to provide low energy consumption...